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The Kibbe Manuscript on Halls of Taunton

By Kathryn Hall | April 27, 2008

The following is a manuscript completed originally in 1908 by genealogist James Allen Kibbe, a member of the Connecticut Historical Society, documenting the Halls of Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts who removed to Suffield, Stafford and Somers, Connecticut, precisely the Hall families we are tracing on this blog. We are indebted to Mr. Kibbe for this important document, as Kibbe was regarded as one of the experts on the early family histories of several towns in Connecticut. While it is within the realm of possibilities that the manuscript might contain some errors or omissions, which will be discussed in comments and in future posts, I believe this is an invaluable starting point, as this is a publication not so readily found and important to the research that will take place on this blog. Kibbe begins with data regarding George Hall, our earliest known ancestor; thus begins this journey. [Notes: parenthetical info is Mr. Kibbe’s. Brackets indicate a transcriber’s notes. Also please note formal publication date indicated at top, which appears to correspond to the additional notes included after Mr. Kibbe’s signature. ]

James Allen Kibbe
Warehouse Point, Conn.

by Kibbe of Enfield, Ct.

HALL, GEORGE (1) and his wife Mary said to have emigrated from Co. Devon, Eng. 1636/7 to Duxbury, Mass. Richard Henry Hall of Taunton says he thinks they came from Gloucester, Eng. (May have been a brother of Edward Hall 1638 who was permitted to build in Duxbury 1637 10 acres at C.H. Path, 1638 sold his house to Wm. Witherell 1641. He appears in Taunton 1642 and 1645 Prop. Bridgewater. He was a son of Francis Hall of Henborough Co. Gloucester, Eng.)
[Editor’s note: there has been no known evidence found to date to indicate Edward and George were related, in spite of their residential proximity.]

George Hall had land assigned to him at Duxbury, Mass. In 1637 at C.H. Path – not occupied – and in 1637 or the next year settled in Taunton, Mass., where he died Oct. 30, 1669 [written in longhand: aged about 69 yrs.] He was one of the original Pprs. of the first purchase of lands for Taunton, Mass., and a founder of the town in 1639. When he died he was a man of large property and influence.

He was a large land owner in Taunton, was heavily engaged in Iron manufacture. The Iron Forge in which he had a large interest existed for more than 200 years. His descendants for three or four generations are known as the “Iron Halls”. ****Extract from 250th Anniversary of Taunton, page 41*** In 1656 (?) One of several of leading citizens to form a joint stock company with a capital of 600£ to build a dam across the two mile river on main road to Raynham to prepare for the manufacture of bar iron from bog ore. He was the 1st clerk and manager of the company for many years and the first “celectman” of Taunton, and was an influential man in town affairs until his death. In this book is a picture of the “Anchor Forge” called the original Iron Works. Memorial Tablets in Taunton to his memory as follows “Home of Geo. __ Hall 1637-1669 on the estate of his descendants 230 years”. [Next line is undecipherable.] In the list of the Taunton Company, William Pople [?], Capt., Plymouth Co., who were able to do Military Duty August 1643 between the ages of 16 and 60 years is the name of George Hall. [Handwritten here: Enrolled to bear arms in 1643, was Freeman in 1643.] (See Page 75 Peirce’s Colonial List. Also Pg. 88) Also on record is a will dated Oct. 26. Prob. 1 Mch 1669; wife Mary; sons John, SAMUEL, and Joseph; dtrs Charity and Sarah; 40 s to church (Bapt) of Taunton to buy cups; to William Evans (Reg. VII 180). In list of purchases of Taunton contains “George Halle 1£ 15 s 3 d Head 7 Acres 86″

His children were;

……..2JOHN b. 1640
……..2JOSEPH b. 1642
(2) 2SAMUEL b. 1644
……..2MARY. See Taunton Records.

SAMUEL HALL (2) born in Taunton, now Raynham, Mass. Born 1644, died 1690. He was an Iron Bloomer. M. ELIZABETH WHITE dtr of NICHOLAS WHITE, who mentions her in his will. She is said to have married (2) Johnathan Pratt. Taunton Records.

His children born in Taunton, Mass.;

(3) SAMUEL (Called Son of Samuel) b. Dec. 11, 1664
……John b. Oct. 19, 1666
……Nicholas b. Jan. 23 1668
……Elizabeth b. Oct. 28 1670
……Mary b. Oct. 3, 1672
……Sarah b. 1674 d. 1677
……Sarah b. March 1679 m. John Austin
……George b. Jan 25, 1680/1
……Hannah b. 1682/3 m. William Witherell of Taunton.

Mr. Kibbe says, “The above is given in all the books; but what follows is mostly not given in any book. The small part of it that is published is very unreliable and incorrect. There being another Samuel Hall in Taunton who had a son Samuel and the wives and children have been given to each other. This Samuel’s son being called “Samuel son of Samuel” while the other was Samuel Sr. and Jr. The Jr. m. Abigal Prat of Plymouth Jan. 3, 1683, and not this line.”


Called “son of Samuel” was b. Taunton, Mass. Dec. 11, 1664 d. in Enfield, Conn. May 7, 1733. He resided in Taunton, Windsor, Suffield, Stafford and Enfield.

Like his ancestors he was engaged in Iron manufacture. He married 1st Elizabeth Bourne April 7, 1686 at which time both were said to be of Taunton, Mass. See Prop. Record of Taunton. She bore him at least 7 children and probably more. When and where she died is not known. About 1708 Samuel 3 appears in Windsor and Suffield, being located just north of the present village of Windsor Locks. Here he m. Sarah Rising, who bore him 8 children. These two sets of known children are increased by three, which are probably his, it brings the total up to eighteen. The following is the list and a few important facts concerning each: Samuel Hall 3 removed from Suffield to Stafford about 1718 or 1719. So his known children were born in three different towns, Taunton Suffield and Stafford, while three, probably his, were born we know not where.

Elizabeth, b. Taunton March 20, 1687 m. in Suffield Sept. 15, 1714 Richard Woolworth. She joined Suffield Ch. By letter from Ch. In Taunton June 1716. See Suffield church records. This fact alone identifies the Suffield Halls as belonging to the Taunton Halls. She died in 1760. Her husband 1732. Had children.

Remember b. Taunton Febry 15, 1689 m. in Suffield Apr. 24, 1712 Benj. King who removed with his father-in-law to Stafford where he died and his widow Remember m. Nov. 7 1734 Benj. Thomas of Somers.

Nicholas b. Taunton Jan. 23 1690 went with his father from Suffield to Stafford and thence to Enfield near Somers line where he had an Iron Forge near what is now known as Forge Bridge. He and his son Joseph were admitted to the Somers church Jan. 3, 1742. He is mention in deeds in land records of Suffield, Stafford and Enfield. He m. twice and had several children but no descendants are now known. Most if not all his children died early. His death record is not found.

Mary b. Taunton Oct. 3, 1692 m. in Suffield Nov. 29, 1716 Samuel Roe. He d. 1732.

Nathaniel b. Taunton May 18, 1695 m. Mable Winchell in Suffield date not found, published Dec. 9, 1716. She d. June 8, 1768, had several ch. All recorded in Suffield. He was a “cordwainer”. Resided near Conn. River and near west end of present railroad bridge spanning that stream.

Mehitabel b. Taunton Dec. 1, 1697. No record further.

Enoch b. Taunton Apr. 13, 1699 lived in Enfield. M. Martha Wright of Northfield, Mass. where records show he lived several years. Afterwards removed. Had children.

Hannah b. no birth record, not known to be of this family, m. Joseph Rising, pub. Sept. 5, 1729 in Suffield and lived there.

Ichabod b. no birth record, may not belong to this family m. Enfield June 25, 1730 Lois Kibbe of Enfield, had a numerous family and many descendants. He moved to Vermont or New Hampshire in middle life.

[Note in margin says, “not in Taunton list with others”, beside Hannah and Ichabod.]

Sarah b. Suffield Oct. 3, 1709, first child of second marriage (Sarah Rising)

Samuel b. Suffield Dec. 2, 1710 m. Oct. 1, 1741 Hannah Parson, said to be of Somers. He was a prominent citizen of Somers and had children.

Marcy b. Suffield June 3, 1712. From Suffield records she seemed to have lived there with her half sister Mary (Hall) Roe.

Bethia b. Suffield Sept. 9, 1713 seems from Suffield records to have been cared for by half sisters Elizabeth Woolworth and Mary Rowe and half brother Nathaniel Hall. She m. May 25, 1736 Wm. Holten of Northfield, Mass., the home of her half brother Enoch Hall.

Abigal b. Suffield April 8, 1717. She m. in Somers Samuel Hayden of Windsor (Hayden Station) Nov. 17, 1737.

Eunice b. Suffield Apr. 8, 1717 (Twin with Abigal) m. in Somers Samuel Cravath of Middletown, Conn. Aug. 31, 1741.

John b. Stafford May 31, 1719 m. Hannah Guild of Somers, He was then of Enfield. Marriage record not. published in Enfield Feb. 25, 1741/1 pub. In Somers Feb. 28, 1741. They lived in Enfield and had children. He has been recorded among the probable children of Samuel and Sarah Hall but he was SURELY their child.

Josiah b. Stafford March 16, 1722 m. Sarah Bush of Somers.

Charity b. Stafford Aug. 18, 1723 admitted to Somers church Apr. 25, 1742.

NOTE: The above items are taken from the records indicated and are correct to the best of my knowledge and ability.

Warehouse Point, Conn.
September 6th, 1908.

JOSIAH HALL (4) B. Stafford March 16, 1722 m. Sarah Bush of Somers. Somers Town Clerk says, “First marriage in Somers to be put on record; fee 50 cts. Oct. 30, 1743. Children:
Josiah b. Sep. 6, 1744
Joseph b. Apr. 22, 1746
Zadock b. Dec. 18, 1750 d. Dec. 30, 1826 m. Elizabeth Coy, Somers Apr. 19, 1781
Vashni b. Mch. 18, 1753 d. Feb. 11, 1816
Sarah b. Nov. 30, 1755 m. Thos. Wilkinson of Enfield Jan 16, 1777
Terza b. July 5, 1760
Libni (5) b. Apr. 12, 1763 m. Mary Coy Jan 11, 1786. His gravestone on Hall Hill (Somers
cem.) says he was b. Apr. 12, 1764. He d. Mar 24, 1842. Mary, his wife, b. 1766 d. June 19. 1839.

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