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Halls of Bristol County was created by Kathryn Hall, a tenth generation American, and a direct descendant of George Hall, who arrived among the Puritans in the 1630’s in the company of his wife, Mary. This blog is dedicated to the preservation of the history of George Hall and his descendants, including cousins. It is also a place where historical errors which were made in the past, particularly in regard to the intertangling of the history of Edward Hall of Rehoboth with the history of George Hall of Taunton, Massachusetts, have been set straight once and for all through rigorous research and documentation, and, most importantly, with the implementation of genetic testing. Any posts herein you have permission to copy and paste into your own records, with the provision that you note the source as This blog is a gift to all who are related to the Halls of Bristol County. Its intention is to disseminate the best information available, which has been well researched and well documented. Hearsay and family lore have no place on this blog. Thank you. KH