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Generations 1-3

By Kathryn Hall | January 2, 2010

Dear Readers:

Following are the details of the first three generations of my family, beginning with my earliest known ancestor, George Hall of Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. I expect that in spite of monumental efforts there will be adjustments to be made. Fortunately the fluidity of blogs allows precisely that!

Note that bold lettering of male names indicates my immediate line. The skeletal version is:

George (1603-1669)
Samuel (1644-1689)
Samuel (1664-1733)
Samuel (1710-1790)
Luke (1773-c.1843)
Luke (1794/5-c.1879)
Nelson Wesley (1836-1903)
John Wesley (1860-1940)
Nelson Wesley (1921-2009)

Emphasis is on information related to direct lines.

Next posts will complete the now proven, through the science and magic of DNA testing, ancestry.
(For further information see Family Tree DNA link.)

Thank you for visiting and for whatever comments you deem worthy!


Editor’s note: for researchers still untangling the various Samuel Halls, please see the excellent post at www.fourhallcousins in Marsha Hoffman Rising’s article in National Genealogical Society Quarterly and on this blog, here. Further, recent DNA discoveries will solve this mystery and confusion once and for all. Stay tuned!

First generation

George Hall, Born c. 1603 in Devonshire, England. Died 30 October 1669 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Married Mary c. 1630 in England. Died c. 1680 (?) in Taunton, Bristol, MA. [Mary’s ancestry not yet known.] It is believed George and Mary emigrated from Devonshire Co, England in 1636-37. Last will and testament of George Hall found here.

Children of George [1] and Mary:
i. John
ii. Joseph
iii. Samuel
iv. Charity
v. Sarah
vi. Mary [See Kibbe manuscript]

Second generation

John [2] Hall (George [1]) Born 1640 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Died 1693 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Married Hannah Penniman 4 February 1670/1 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. [VR Taunton, p. 216] Born 26 March 1648, in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA. Died 14 April 1726 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.

Joseph [2] Hall (George [1]). Born 1642 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Died 17 April 1705, in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. (VR Taunton, p. 95) Burial 1705 in Neck of Land Cemetery. No Raynham, MA.

Neck of Land Cemetery National Register of Historic Places Site # 85001530

Joseph married Mary Bell on 19 July 1669. Born 1645 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. (VR Taunton, p. 569) Mary was the daughter of James Bell. Died 1718 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.

Samuel [2] Hall (George [1]) Born 11 December 1644 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Died 14 March 1689 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. In 1664 married Elizabeth White, daughter of Nicholas White and Susanna Humphrey, in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Elizabeth was born 9 June 1643 in Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA. Elizabeth died in 1707 (age 63) in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.

Children of Samuel [2] and Elizabeth:

i. Samuel
ii. John
iii. Nicholas
iv. Elizabeth
v. Mary
vi. Sarah
vii. Ebenezer
viii. Sarah
ix. George
v. Hannah

Third generation

John [3] Hall (John [2] George [1]). Born 27 June 1672 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Died 1768 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.

James [3] Hall (John [2] George [1]) Born 8 December 1675 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Died 4 September 1735.

Jacob [3] Hall (John [2] George [1]) Born 14 February 1679/0 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Died 1769 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.

Joseph [3] Hall (Joseph [2] George [1]) Born 1694 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Died 9 November 1773 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. (VR Taunton, p. 95)

Nathaniel [3] Hall (Joseph [2] George [1]) Born 1702 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA Died 1780 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.

Nehemiah [3] Hall (Joseph [2] George [1]) Born 1704 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Died 1775.

Samuel [3] Hall (Samuel [2] George [1]) Born 11 December 1664 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Samuel died 7 May 1733 in Enfield, CT. Married Elizabeth Bourne in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA 7 April 1686 (NGSQ 81:19) Elizabeth was born 7 April 1658. We have no death or burial records for Elizabeth to date, though we know she died before 1708, when Samuel marries Sarah Rising. [See below.]

Children of Samuel [3] and Elizabeth:

i. Elizabeth
ii. Remember
iii. Nicholas
iv. Mary
v. Nathaniel
vi. Mehitabel
vii. Enoch
viii. Hannah
ix. Ichabod

Notes on children from the [Kibbe manuscript [sic]]
[Roman numeralization mine for continuity. KH]

i. Elizabeth, b. Taunton March 20, 1687 m. in Suffield Sept. 15, 1714 Richard Woolworth. She joined Suffield Ch. By letter from Ch. In Taunton June 1716. See Suffield church records. This fact alone identifies the Suffield Halls as belonging to the Taunton Halls. She died in 1760. Her husband 1732. Had children.

ii. Remember b. Taunton Febry 15, 1689 m. in Suffield Apr. 24, 1712 Benj. King who removed with his father-in-law to Stafford where he died and his widow Remember m. Nov. 7 1734 Benj. Thomas of Somers.

iii. Nicholas b. Taunton Jan. 23 1690 went with his father from Suffield to Stafford and thence to Enfield near Somers line where he had an Iron Forge near what is now known as Forge Bridge. He and his son Joseph were admitted to the Somers church Jan. 3, 1742. He is mention in deeds in land records of Suffield, Stafford and Enfield. He m. twice and had several children but no descendants are now known. Most if not all his children died early. His death record is not found.

iv. Mary b. Taunton Oct. 3, 1692 m. in Suffield Nov. 29, 1716 Samuel Roe. He d. 1732.

v. Nathaniel b. Taunton May 18, 1695 m. Mable Winchell in Suffield date not found, published Dec. 9, 1716. She d. June 8, 1768, had several ch. All recorded in Suffield. He was a “cordwainer”. Resided near Conn. River and near west end of present railroad bridge spanning that stream.

vi. Mehitabel b. Taunton Dec. 1, 1697. No record further.

vii. Enoch b. Taunton Apr. 13, 1699 lived in Enfield. M. Martha Wright of Northfield, Mass. where records show he lived several years. Afterwards removed. Had children.

viii. Hannah b. no birth record, not known to be of this family, m. Joseph Rising, pub. Sept. 5, 1729 in Suffield and lived there.

xi. Ichabod b. no birth record, may not belong to this family m. Enfield June 25, 1730 Lois Kibbe of Enfield, had a numerous family and many descendants. He moved to Vermont or New Hampshire in middle life.
[Note in margin says, “not in Taunton list with others”, beside Hannah and Ichabod.]

Samuel [3] marries (2) Sarah Rising in 1708 in Suffield, Hartford, CT. Sarah was born 15 November 1685 in Suffield, Hartford, CT. She was the daughter of John Rising and Sarah Hale.

Children of Samuel [3] and Sarah:

i. Sarah
ii. Samuel
iii. Mercy
iv. Bethiah
v. Abigail
vi. Eunice [Abigail and Eunice were twins.]
vii. John
viii. Josiah
ix. Charity

Notes on children:

i. Sarah Hall, b. 3 Oct 1709, Suffield, Hartford Co., CT. Marries Jeremiah Markham. Sarah dies 30 March 1787 in Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT.
ii. Samuel Hall, b. 2 Dec 1710, Suffield, Hartford Co., CT. Marries Hannah Parsons 1 October 1741.
iii. Mercy Hall, b. 3 Jan 1712, Suffield, Hartford Co., CT.
iv. Bethiah Hall, b. 9 Sep 1713, Suffield, Hartford Co., CT. Marries William Holton. Bethiah dies 10 April 1773 in Northfield, Franklin Co., MA.


v. Abigail Hall, b. 28 Apr 1715, Suffield, Hartford Co., CT. Marries Samuel Hayden 17 November 1737.
vi. Eunice Hall, b. 28 Apr 1715, Suffield, Hartford Co., CT. Marries Samuel Cravath 31 October 1741.

vii. John Hall, b. 31 May 1719, Enfield, CT; m. Hannah Guild.
viii. Josiah Hall, b. 16 Mar 1722, Stafford, Hartford Co., CT; m. Sarah Bush.
ix. Charity Hall, b. 18 Aug 1723, Stafford, Hartford Co., CT; m. Isaac Davis 21 Feb. 1744/45. (Vital Statistics of Sheffield, MA Marriages 1773-1797 Vol I, p. 43) [Notes: Helped found Lee, Berkshire, MA]

Notes from Kibbe manuscript on these children follow:

Sarah b. Suffield Oct. 3, 1709, first child of second marriage (Sarah Rising)

Samuel b. Suffield Dec. 2, 1710 m. Oct. 1, 1741 Hannah Parson, said to be of Somers. He was a prominent citizen of Somers and had children.

Marcy b. Suffield June 3, 1712. From Suffield records she seemed to have lived there with her half sister Mary (Hall) Roe.

Bethia b. Suffield Sept. 9, 1713 seems from Suffield records to have been cared for by half sisters

Elizabeth Woolworth and Mary Rowe and half brother Nathaniel Hall. She m. May 25, 1736 Wm. Holten of Northfield, Mass., the home of her half brother Enoch Hall.

Abigal b. Suffield April 8, 1717. She m. in Somers Samuel Hayden of Windsor (Hayden Station) Nov. 17, 1737.

Eunice b. Suffield Apr. 8, 1717 (Twin with Abigal) m. in Somers Samuel Cravath of Middletown, Conn. Aug. 31, 1741.

John b. Stafford May 31, 1719 m. Hannah Guild of Somers, He was then of Enfield. Marriage record not. published in Enfield Feb. 25, 1741/1 pub. In Somers Feb. 28, 1741. They lived in Enfield and had children. He has been recorded among the probable children of Samuel and Sarah Hall but he was SURELY their child.

Josiah b. Stafford March 16, 1722 m. Sarah Bush of Somers.

Charity b. Stafford Aug. 18, 1723 admitted to Somers church Apr. 25, 1742.

NOTE: The above items are taken from the records indicated and are correct to the best of my knowledge and ability.

John [3] Hall (Samuel [2] George [1]) Born 19 October 1666 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA (VR Taunton, p. 194) Died 1738 (?) in Norton, Bristol Co., MA. Married Esther Bell 14 December 1692 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.

Elizabeth [3] Hall (Samuel [2] George [1]) Born 28 October 1670 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Died 4 November 1739 in Norton, Bristol Co., MA.

Mary [3] Hall (Samuel [2] George [1]) Born 3 October 1672 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.

Ebenezer [3] Hall (Samuel [2] George [1]) Born 19 March 1676 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Died July 1747 in Falmouth, York Co., Maine. Ebenezer married Jane Bumpus 22 June 1704.

Sarah [3] Hall (Samuel [2] George [1]) Born 2 march 1678 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA Died Feb. 1769.

George [3] Hall (Samuel [2] George [1]) Born 25 January 1680/1 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Died after 1760. Burial in Layville Cemetery, Lyne, CT.

Hannah [3] Hall (Samuel [2] George [1]) Born 8 April 1683 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.

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12 Responses to “Generations 1-3”

  1. Antonia Says:
    January 11th, 2010 at 9:49 am

    Wow! Thank you so much for compiling and posting! I’m sure it’s a huge job, but so important, and very appreciated!

  2. admin Says:
    January 11th, 2010 at 10:19 am

    Thank you so much!

  3. Guest Post: Alpheus Hall | Halls Of Bristol County Says:
    February 7th, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    […] Samuel3, Samuel2, George) was the son of Josiah Hall and Elizabeth Russel and great grandson of Samuel Hall and Sarah Rising. He was born in Somers, Connecticut, on July 28, 1766. On September 7, 1789, in Somers he married […]

  4. EGL & MHB Says:
    March 20th, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    Kibbe’s manuscript comments that Ichabod Hall “moved to Vermont or New Hampshire in middle life”. A recent examination of the Land Records of Enfield, CT, by two of his descendents, showed this was not so.
    Ichabod and Lois left Enfield for New Marlborough, Berkshire County, MA. A land sale dated Feb. 24, 1764 describes Ichabod “of Hartford County” (Land Records, 1760-1773, Book 3, pp.155-156). In a later sale of land in Enfield, dated Mar. 5, 1765 , Ichabod is stated as “being in the county of Berkshire, in the colony of Massachusetts Bay”. (Land Records, 1760-1773, Book 3, pp. 247-248). The land sold in 1765 was purchased by Samuel Hall of Somers, CT.
    Ichabod died in New Marlborough Feb. 4, 1787; Lois died Nov. 6, 1796. (Old Records, Book 2nd, Births and Deaths, 1797. These are the original records copied by Seth Pease into the existing official records. The copied records are the ones filmed by Jay Holbrook.)

  5. admin Says:
    March 20th, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    Dear EGL and MHB, This is invaluable information and places Samuel Hall’s interests, if not presence (to be determined) in Berkshire Co in 1765. Thank you so much for setting the Kibbe record straight. It takes a village to figure out a family. 🙂 KH

  6. ShaRee Says:
    October 7th, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    Wow! this has been so helpful.I wa so happy to find all your work on the Hall family. I did notice one thing… Abigall Hall’s spouse is listed as Samuel hayde,it should be Hayden.

  7. admin Says:
    October 7th, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    Good catch! Thank you! KH

  8. Mimi Pease Childs Says:
    March 20th, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    What a beautiful website! I am trying to determine if John Hall, b. 31 May 1719, Enfield, CT and who married Hannah Guild is the father of John Hall who married Hannah Nichols (Nickols). John and Hannah N. Hall were the parents of Henry Hall born in Hartford, CT in 1782 and who died in Boston in 1860.

    Thank you for any direction you can give.

  9. admin Says:
    March 20th, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    Thank you, Mimi Pease Childs! Happy to see the name Pease in there. (Halls and Peases and Cooleys so connected.) I don’t know the answer. But perhaps by posting your question someone who does know will respond. KH

  10. Gayle Childers Says:
    January 15th, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    I wonder if I have gone astray. As I’m a bit of a beginner, that’s certainly possible. George Hall is my 9th great-grandfather through his daughter, Charity.

    For George Hall’s father, I have listed:
    John Hall
    Birth 1568 in Bishops Tawton, Devonshire, England
    Death 1630 in Withicomb Rawleigh, Devonshire, England

    And for his mother I have:
    Sisly (Cecily) Manfilde (Manfield)
    Birth 1574 in Bishopsgate, London, England
    Death 1645 in Devon, England
    They were married: 23 Sep 1594

    Please correct me if this has been researched and found to be untrue. Many thanks. Just found this site and am fascinated!

  11. admin Says:
    January 16th, 2012 at 10:20 am

    Hi, Gayle, I wouldn’t say you have “gone astray”. I’d say you have found research I’m not familiar with which may or may not be correct. Unless this has been proven through DNA testing and a solid paper trail it would be suspect. But there certainly has been speculation that George was from Devon. I poked around a bit regarding Sisly. There seems to be quite a number of discrepancies in her research. Some say she was Welsh; others say she was English. So, hard to say. KH

  12. ElisabethG Says:
    April 8th, 2012 at 1:22 am

    Thank you for this website; it has such a wealth of information to help untangle the Hall branch of my family tree!

    You may already know this but I wanted to put it out there that Samuel [3] & Elizabeth Bourne’s daughter Mehitable is interred in a tiny plot on the grounds of Taunton High School. It’s called Ox Bow Farm Cemetery (TA053) on the Bristol Cemeteries database and can be viewed on the Find A Grave website. Her headstone reads she “died on Febr’y 21, 1785 in (the?) 87th year of her age”.

    The only other headstone in the plot is for an Abigail Hall who died in 1790. I’d long surmised this was Mehitable’s half-sister, and the carver had made a wild guess that she was 90 based on Mehitable’s age when she passed 5 years earlier. Now, finding out Abigail had married, I’m not so sure. I’ve checked & none of their brothers seem to have married anyone named Abigail. Then again, if she kept her age to herself, maybe she never mentioned being married, either. What do you think?