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George Hall DNA and Edward Hall DNA

By Kathryn Hall | January 10, 2010

Dear Readers,

In the last decade I approached my father and asked him to participate in the brand new HALL DNA Project. Knowing how important my research was to the family he immediately agreed. Thus my father became the first participant in this project. Because DNA science was in its infancy I made a determination to remove those results from the project two or three years ago until some semblance of agreement could be found among those exploring this new important science.

This last year my beloved father left this earthly plane and therefore I feel it is not only appropriate but historically vital to all those researching the George Hall of Taunton and Edward Hall of Rehoboth lines to publish the following results, most especially because an exact 67 marker match has very recently been found and brought to my attention. Hopefully the publishing of these results, which I do with permission, and the accompanying links to public sites will inspire and motivate those who believe they are descendants of one of these two families to look within their families and approach male Halls who might be tested thereby validating their research, or, conversely, making it obvious that further research or documentation is necessary.

In the nearly two decades I have conducted this research, beginning with a lifetime of amazingly accurate notes passed on by my now deceased aunt, I have come to realize that not everyone will aspire to the high standards that I would hope would be the guidelines adhered to in researching one’s family. There is also the seduction of the printed word. If it’s in a book, or on the Net, or in a church record, it must be so, right? And thus errors get passed along generation after generation, so engrained in the mythologies of families that rectifying these errors becomes nigh onto impossible. The human mind is indeed a stubborn thing. We do not like change. But change is all there is.

For the record my guiding precepts for genealogy are the same as for all of my life:

to show up
to pay attention
to tell the truth
and to not be attached to outcome

By adhering to the principle of always seeking the truth and to speak up to power when the truth is not set forth are cornerstones of all of my research. This is coupled with the ability and commitment to change records where necessary, because they are revealed to be incorrect. I will say here, however, that it is never my style to set forth “theories,” hoping or assuming someone someday will come along and challenge my projections or suspicions. Anyone practicing that “methodology” fails to understand the Internet, fails to understand their own power and the power of the written word, and fails to understand how these “theories” will become viral, become accepted and will take years to unscramble, if ever.

Having set forth these tenets, I am here presenting you with the correct DNA results of the descendants of George Hall of Taunton and the correct DNA results of the descendants of Edward Hall of Rehoboth. Please see accompanying links for further information.

Male descendants of George Hall of Taunton will find their DNA results look like this:

For exact 67 marker match go here and view Tester #15183, indicating tester is a descendant of George, bef. 1615, MA. It should be noted that the paper trail of the immediate family of this tester is well documented and published.

The haplogroup for George Hall is J2.

Male descendants of Edward Hall of Rehoboth will find their DNA results look like this:

For further information go here and view results for Family 6. You may also go here and view information for tester MGS2N.

The haplogroup for Edward Hall is R1b.

For those of you asking if the results must be a perfect match, please review information on mutations. If you have an exact match, rejoice.

I wish you blessings upon your research. I firmly believe that the nature of this work is sacred in its nature and duty and that the ancestors benefit greatly as do we. Good searching!


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3 Responses to “George Hall DNA and Edward Hall DNA”

  1. Heather Rojo Says:
    January 25th, 2010 at 6:12 am

    I just saw your blog listed on the new list at “Geneabloggers” and it was nice to see another New England Yankee join the ranks! I enjoyed reading through your postings, and I look forward to checking out your blog on a regular basis!

  2. admin Says:
    January 25th, 2010 at 8:11 am

    Hi, Heather! Welcome! Thanks for your supportive comment. Appreciated. I visited your blog and tried to comment on the historical folk music but it’s one of those blogs I STILL have not learned how to comment on, as it’s not set up for Name/URL. I must figure out the technology! Kathryn

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