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DNA Match of Ichabod Hall to George Hall of Taunton

By Kathryn Hall | June 5, 2010

Editor’s note: The 67 marker DNA results for a descendant of Ichabod Hall are now in. This is excellent news for all researchers who believe they might be a descendant of this family. Here’s the DNA panel you will want to consult:

Most importantly this DNA panel reveals a match between a descendant of Ichabod Hall of Enfield and two proven descendants of George Hall of Taunton. Here are the DNA results of one of the descendants of George Hall and of Ichabod Hall.

And these results can be compared to previous DNA test results posted for my father and the same descendant of George Hall (an exact match).

Note that in the DNA test results for Ichabod and the George Hall descendant, there are four mutations, in the following markers: DYS439, DYS449, DYS570, CDY b. Each of these markers is where one would most expect mutations to appear, i.e, these fast-moving markers are where change/mutations ordinarily are found over time. This is an excellent and important discovery that undoes many errors and wrong speculations from the past, and that places Ichabod and his descendants correctly with the George Hall of Taunton family.

Ancestry of Ichabod Hall (—d. 1787) of Somers and Enfield, CT

In 1846, R.R. Hinman published his Catalogue of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut (Hartford, E..E. Gleason). In the section “List of First Settlers who have few or no Descendents in Enfield” Hinman describes “Hall, Ichabod, Nicholas and John- three brothers who were early settlers in the east part of Enfield…Ichabod settled on the Somers Road, had three sons, Ebenezer, b. 1730, went to Tyringham, Moses, b. 1732, Elisha, b.1751.” (p. 178). Hinman makes no mention of the parentage of the three brothers. Samuel Hall is not mentioned in the work, nor does Hinman give a source for linking the three brothers.

In 1883, David B. Hall published The Halls of New England and used Hinman as a source to place Ichabod as a child of Samuel Hall and Elizabeth Bourne.(p 696) Because he placed Samuel and Elizabeth in the family of Edward Hall of Rehoboth, he guaranteed confusion for future researchers.
In 1929, James Kibbe published his manuscript which stated that because Ichabod did not appear in the list of children born to Samuel and Elizabeth in Taunton MA,, he was probably not of that family. There was no evidence linking Ichabod to Edward Hall, either, once the wives and Samuels were disentangled.
In fact, to date no records have yet been found to link Ichabod of Somers to any other Hall families in the areas of Taunton, MA, or Suffield, Somers or Enfield. – no vital records, probate documents or land records. A land record in Enfield, CT, dated March 5, 1765, records Ichabod Hall selling a parcel of land to Samuel Hall of Somers, but no familial connection is noted.
Ichabod Hall’s link to Samuel and thus to George Hall has consisted of the unsourced comment of Hinman, who merely links Ichabod to Nicholas and John, both of whom were proven sons of Samuel. That is, until now.
In May, 2010, Family Tree DNA test results revealed a match between Ichabod and two of a proven descendants of George Hall of Taunton. The Ichabod descendant is an eighth generation grandson of Ichabod, with a solid paper trail consisting of vital records, probate documents, Bible entries, obituaries, family letters and published genealogies.
The results showed a close match to the proven tester descended from George Hall of Taunton. There are 4 markers with a one point difference in markers 1 through 37. These markers are the ones where mutations are likely to occur. For markers 38 through 67, the stable, unchanging range, the match is perfect.
The matching testers for George are descendents of Samuel. In addition, Samuel was the only one of George’s descendents to emigrate to the Somers-Enfield area, where Ichabod lived. The test results and the close proximity of Ichabod to Samuel’s family allow us to know that Ichabod was indeed a son of Samuel and Elizabeth.

EGL & MHB, descendents of Ichabod Hall of Enfield

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