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Samuel & Abigail Hall 1686 Deed, Taunton, Bristol, MA

By Kathryn Hall | September 6, 2008

As stated early on one of the challenges of sorting out the ancestors of George Hall has been to clarify the confusion created by earlier genealogists in their documentation of the descendants of Edward Hall and the descendants of George Hall who were both named Samuel. We have been indebted to the research of Marsha Hoffman Rising, who turned to land deeds, deepening her research and shedding light on this problem. Her conclusion was, “In short, the Samuel who married Abigail Pratt in 1683 was clearly the son of Edward of Rehobeth. After selling their land in 1686, the couple moved from Taunton.” Following is the deed for Samuel and Abigail Hall in full text.

Bristol Co. Northern District Registry of Deeds, Taunton, Massachusetts, Book 2, Page 35

To all Christian People before whom these presents shall come Samuel Hall Sen(e) of Taunton in the county of Bristoll in the Coloney of Newplimuth the son of Edward Hall of Rehoboth Decease and Abigaile his wife Send Greeting &c Know yee that the said Samuel Hall and Abigaile his wife; for & in Consideration of Eight acrees of land sold to the said Samuel Hall by Thomas Leonard of Taunton above said a Deed whereof they do hereby acknowledge that they have Received under the hands and seals of the said Thomas Leonard and Mary his wife, and thereof Do by these presents fully acquit and Discharge the said Thomas Leonard his heires executors, & Administrators forever by these presents, Have Given granted sold made over Confirmed and Delivered unto the said Thomas Leonard his heires and assignes for ever Eight accers of land be it be it more or less Scittuate lyeing & being and be in the town = ship of sd Taunton at a place called old Coleing which eight accers was part of a Grant from sd town to James Tesdale and was sold allso by said Tesdale with other lands to the said Hall and it was Measured and layed out to the said Leonard with and among other lands at the said old Coleing on the Southerly side of the way that leadeth between the land of said Leonard and said Hall To have and to hold the said eight accers as it is above expressed to him the said the said Thomas Leonard his heirs and -Assigns for ever with all the Benefitts and profitts thence ariseing-Together with all the appurtenances within and upon the same or any way thereonto belonging and moreover the said Samuel and Abigaile doe by these presents Covenant and Promise to & with the said Thomas Leonard that they have good Rightfull power & lawfull authority in their-owne Names to give grant Sell Deliver Convey & Confirme the said eight accres with all its Rights & priviledges as above said and that it shall be lawfull for the said Thomas Leonard his heirs and Assigns to have hold occupie & enjoy the same peacably & Quietly without any trouble or Molestation that may arrise from by or under them the said Samuel Hall or Abigaile his wife their heires or any- other person that may lay any lawfull Claime thereonto or any part thereof for ever, and hereonto the said Samuel Hall and Abigaile have set their hands and seales this seventh Day of february in the year of our Lord god one Thousand six hundred Eightty Six the word (wife) in the third line was before the Ensealing hereof.

The mark of
Samuel Hall (seale)
The mark of
Abigail Hall (seale)

Signed sealed & Delivered
In the presence of us
James Leonard Sen (e)
his mark
Joseph Leonard
his mark
John Crane

The said James Leonard, Sen (e) and Joseph Leonard and John Crane took oath that they saw the said Samuel Hall and Abigail Hall signe seale & Deliver this Instrument as their Act and Deed. And the said Samuel Hall and Abigaile Hall were present at the-same time and Did acknowledge this instrument to be their Act and Deed on the seventh Day of february, 1686. In Taunton before Thomas Leonard Assosuate
Thus entered and Recorded the 10th of february 1696 by John Cary Recorder

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2 Responses to “Samuel & Abigail Hall 1686 Deed, Taunton, Bristol, MA”

  1. Cheryl Hall Says:
    September 6th, 2008 at 5:07 pm


    Good to see the Samuel (son of Edward) and Abigail Hall deed getting some air time. Hopefully those who descend from both George and Eward will read it and begin to sort it all out.

    Many thanks go to Marsha Hoffman Rising for her excellent article correcting the errors surrounding the two unique Samuel Halls of Taunton, MA, through her land deeds research. The two Samuels, their wives and children, have been so thoroughly confused in histories and genealogies for so long that it was refreshing to read her well documented article. I feel it necessary, however, to point out that there is an incorrect statement in the Rising article regarding Samuel, son of Edward Hall. It is the statement that after Samuel and Abigail sold the land in 1686, they moved from Taunton. They did not move, however, as Samuel, son of Edward, continued to execute deeds in Taunton until about late 1715; just about a year before his death. Samuel and Abigail lived in that part of Taunton that became Raynham in 1731. Although Samuel had died in 1716, Abigail was still alive when Raynham was taken from Taunton and incorporated, and she is shown in some of the early Raynham town records and on a tax list for Raynham, along with her son, Jonathan.

    I am researching Edward Hall of Rehoboth and his descendants, and particularly the Jonathan Hall line. I have read the later deeds that were executed by Samuel Hall, son of Edward, in Taunton.

    Excellent blog, Kathryn. Keep up the good work!

    Cheryl Hall

  2. admin Says:
    December 2nd, 2009 at 8:53 am

    Footnote: We now have a DNA match that verifies Marsha Hoffman Rising’s research. This match verifies the connection from my family to George Hall. My family does not include Samuel Hall and Abigail Pratt. It includes the Samuel Hall who marries Sarah Rising. KH