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Welcome and Introduction

By Kathryn Hall | February 12, 2008

Welcome to Halls of Bristol County, the blog. Information on this blog is offered to assist others in their research of the Halls of Bristol County. Please note this is a personal blog, not a website. All content is released on rss feeds. Much work has gone into this blog. The content provided on this site is original content or used with permission and links when possible. The content is protected under the US Copyright Protection Laws and appropriate international laws.

Visitors may use the material on this blog for educational, non-paying, non-commercial use.
Fair Use laws permit excerpts and examples of the content on this site for use, with clearly shown credit, links, and references to the original content. Such excerpts and examples shall not exceed 20% of the published page’s text content or 25% of the visible single web page.

Full content feeds of this site shall not be reproduced on any website without express and written permission. Partial feeds, not to exceed 20% of a single web page’s content, shall be permitted. A link back to this blog is requested.

Note that to use any material on this site for any other purpose including and not limited to original aspects of blog page design, all photographs, all editorial content, any stories, poems, or graphics, you must write and ask and receive written permission. Thank you.

For more information on copyright protection of genealogical data, please refer to Lorelle VanFossen’s article and’s article on same, based on National Genealogical Society’s recommendations. Standard courtesies, civilities and respectful behaviors apply.

Please note that all manuscripts transcribed are subject to errors and omissions in spite of a sincerest attempt to apply the highest of standards. All genealogists have learned that books and manuscripts abound with human errors, some of which persist for centuries. Take note.

Also please note that all comments are held for moderation prior to publication. Email addresses are required but are not published.

Thank you.

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