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Abstract from Connecticut Church Records 1630-1920 LUKE HALL/RUBY PEASE HALL

By Kathryn Hall | September 6, 2015

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Early Connecticut settlers established the Congregational Church as the tax-supported state church until 1818 when the state constitution was accepted, abolishing the connection between church and state. Pictured is an abstract from Connecticut church records 1630-1920 that documents the following:

Rube [Ruby], w. of Luke, Jr., Nov. 12, 1797

Luke (b. 6 July 1795) and Rube [Ruby] (b. 14 July 1797), children of Luke, Jr., baptized November 19, 1797

This verifies that the first two children born of Luke Hall, Jr. and Ruby (Pease) Hall were born and baptized in Somers, Tolland, Connecticut, prior to Luke, Jr. and Ruby (Pease) Hall’s move to Smyrna, Chenango, New York, where the remainder of their children were born.

We also note:

Rube [Ruby], w. of Luke, Jr., dism. and recom. Nov. 14, 1802 to church, Sherburne, N.Y.

Therefore we know that Luke Hall, Jr. and his wife Ruby (Pease) Hall arrived in Smyrna before November 1802.


Luke, d. Sept. 14, 1826, A. 82

This is the church record of the death of Luke, Jr.’s father.


In this second abstract of Connecticut church records we find:

Luke Jr., m. Reube [Ruby] Pease, b.of Somers,Jan. 8, 1795


Luke, s. Sam (ue)l [Samuel], bp. Aug.19, 1744

And lastly:

John, s. Lieut.Luke, d. Nov.14, 1814

Footnote: Abbreviations include: to church
dism. & recom.=dismissed and recommended

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