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Will of Lt. Luke Hall

By Kathryn Hall | May 27, 2019

Following is the last will and testament of Lt. Luke Hall of Somers, Tolland, Connecticut. He died September 19, 1826 at age 82. For further information about Lt. Luke Hall and his family, please visit post documenting their gravesites in Somers.

At a Court of Probate held at Ellington within & for the District of Ellington October 4th 1826
Present Asa Willey Esquire Judge

Horatio A. Hamilton & David Sheldon present this Will of Luke Hall, late of Somers in District deceased they being appointed Executers of Will and ……..of who trust …. Bonds according to Law and proved (?) the Will which was approved by Cout and ordered to be Recorded and kept on file

Asa Willey Judge

In the name of God Amen—I Luke Hall of Somers in Tolland County State of Connectical Although laboring at present under some indispositions of body yet being of sound and …posing mind memory and understanding though the mercy of God so make & ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner & form following First & principally I resign my soul with the utmost humility into the hands of Almighty God my creator humbly hoping for a blessed immortality through the merit and mediation of my blessed Saviour & Redeemer Jesus Christ & my body to the dust to be intered [sic]in a Christian burial form.

And as for such temporal estate as the Lord in his great Goodness & mercy has entreated me to the steward of—I give service & dispose thereof as follows

(?) I give & bequeath unto my four beloved grandchildren who are children of my Son Seth Hall [:] Seth Parsons, Levina, Sophronia & Homer all my share in a Lot of Seantick Meadow Land I own in common with my son Seth which is undivided [ ] being had to Calvin Pitkins deed to the [ ] & Seth & myself for a further description of said Lot—and I do further give and bequeath unto my afores four grandchildren Twelve Acres of plain land which was given me by my Hon. Father it bounds North and West on Obediah Kibbees Land—South on Hiram Pomeroys land & East on my own land all of the afores premises to be equally divided between the said four Grandchildren that is share & share alike to be theirs and their heirs forever—

Item I give & bequeath only my beloved daughter Mary Hall the dwelling house & other tenements now occupied by [ ] Eno together with the Lot of land there with connected bounding East & West on highways South on Samuel Peases Land containing about four acres to be hers & her heirs forever—And I do further give & bequeath unto my daughter Mary a piece or parcel of Land off the South part of my home farm as follows. Beginning on the West side of the road leading to Enfield in the North Iine of Samuel Peases land thence westwardly by Peases land & others to the southwest corner of my home farm thence North twenty five rods on the west line of my [ ] farm—thence eastwardly in a parallel line with the South line of [ ] farm until it comes in the same line with the fence running the West side of my orchard of Apple trees lying North of said line—thence North to & by the fence on the West side of said orchard to the middle point between the third & fourth row of Apples Trees from the South side thence Eastwardly between & near the center of third & fourth row of trees to the east side of [ ] Orchard to the stone wall—thence South by [ ] Stone wall or fence as it now stands until it comes to the distance of twenty five rods of the first mentioned line by Samuel Peases land—thence east in a parallel line with the Peases line afforementioned [sic] to [ ] highway & by said highway Southerly to the first mentioned corner to be hers & her heirs forever—

And further I do give & bequeath onto my [ ] Daughter Mary two acres of land off of the South part of my Seantick Meadow bound South on Joseph Roots land East on Seantick River West on a ditch near the bank of said meadow to be hers & her heirs forever.

And I do further give & bequeath unto my said daughter Mary one Cow & Six Sheep such of each as she may choose out of those that may remain at my decease—all of the above as foregoing property that I have given & bequeathed unto the said May is in payment for her services to me since she became of age in law to act for herself & do what I consider Justice required [ ] to her—And I do further give & bequeath unto my [ ] daughter Mary such articles of my household furniture as she may choose [,] not exceeding the total amount of the articles I gave to each of my older daughters Elizabeth & Martha after deducting what I have before this time
[ ] off & given to her & if she does not choose to take the whole amount as offered in my household furniture it is to be made up to her in my other property—And after my just debts are paid by my Executors.

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